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COSMIC CATACLYSM: Petroleum Blownapart’s Lovec…

COSMIC CATACLYSM: Petroleum Blownapart’s Lovecraftian sci-fi themed rave for TheWaveVR.

With custom made visuals and just the in-app tracks, Petroleum created a narrative and took us all on a journey into the abyss and back. 

More info and showtimes:

My first scheduled resident DJ set is coming s…

My first scheduled resident DJ set is coming soon, to be held in the metaverse @TheWaveVR @8:30PM PST till LATE, come check it out if you access to SteamVR or Oculus Rift!

utopiaville: How to: Making Friends in TheWav…


How to: Making Friends in TheWaveVR

To make a friend in TheWaveVR, open the menu, grab your heart and give it to someone else! 

Not everyone will want to be your friend right away so you might want to offer them some digital drugs and/or dance with them first.

More info:

utopiaville: Virtual Rave – DJ EVOL♥ (7.4.18) …


Virtual Rave – DJ EVOL♥ (7.4.18)

EVOL threw an amazing party live from the metaverse on 7.4!

Custom art, live DJ, amazing visuals, and lots of people to dance and chat with! Gotta love TheWaveVR!

More details & showtimes: 

Resident DJ Splorgman’s epic all trance …

Virtual Rave – Resident DJ Splorgman (7.11.18)

Resident DJ Splorgman’s epic all trance set in TheWaveVR on 7.11.18 was breathtaking!

Steam Link: 

These were all from my 1hour 45minute late n…

More highlights from my global VR dance party in TheWaveVR on 6.30

These were all from my 1hour 45minute late night set using in-app music and a mix of in-app effects and imported custom artwork. 

More details & showtimes:

See you in the metaverse!

Highlights from my last global VR dance party in TheWaveVR

Also, VR dance party tonight from 9PM to 2AM PST! Look for “IMMERSION” or “DRAWBIRD” in @TheWaveVR application.

More details:

See you in the metaverse!

Flipping The Script

I don’t know how many of you will read this, I honestly don’t know how many of you aren’t bots. Either way I feel obligated to let everyone know that this blog is going to be changing direction and purpose, at least for the time being.

This has always been my outlet to share the magic, the hype, and most importantly the awe that new technologies can bring to the world. I would very much like to continue to do this… this glorified news aggregation, keeping everyone informed and up to date on innovations and new creative endeavors, but the problem is that I’ve been caught up in one of these innovated creative endeavors, TheWaveVR.

I’ve been a huge fan of TheWaveVR for a long time and it has as of late evolved into the most impressive creative/social platform I have ever seen. Allowing musicians to craft custom audio-reactive worlds and throw epic virtual parties with breathtaking interactive effects.

The above screenshot is an amalgamation of built in effects, custom models created by me, and remixed art based on stuff created by fellow ‘Wavers’. I have control over much of the visuals and lasers and can make them dance to the music with us. 

Having just been signed as a resident DJ at TheWaveVR (a dream come true!), I’ll be spending even more time crafting custom visuals and creating epic musical journeys to take everyone on each week!

That said, this blog isn’t going away. You may actually see more posts from me, but they will be for the most part related to TheWaveVR. This VR DJ gig is an unpaid passion project and until I can quit my day job or afford to cut back on hours, I just won’t have time to discover and share as much general Tech & VR news.

I will, however, do my best to keep you all updated on my journey in TheWaveVR. I hope to dance with some of you in VR soon!


Global VR Dance Party tonight @ 1AM PST (6PM A…

Global VR Dance Party tonight @ 1AM PST (6PM AEST) in TheWaveVR

People keep requesting AU time zone shows since the regular resident DJ shows are often region locked or at inconvienent times.

Come party with me, the late night crew, and hopefully some Aussies too in my custom designed party cave!

I will be spinning some game chops video game music remixes, house, trap, electro, etc. Not as much D&B/dubstep this set but I might throw some in at the end if we have a big turn-out.

1AM PST / 6PM AEST – Look for “G-Dub’s” cave party!

Event calendar:

See you there!

My first global set as a resident DJ for TheWa…

My first global set as a resident DJ for TheWaveVR was surreal and amazing!

The set was mixed using TheWaveVR’s built in music and visual effects combined with some community & self-made art pieces from

Being able to have full control over crafting the mix and the visuals for each set is just such an amazing opportunity. Having an ‘unlimited’ budget for set pieces and effects opens up so many creative options for crafting reality bending visuals and syncing them with the visuals both live and with tilt-brush audio-reactive brushes.

The Resident DJ program was just expanded so there are shows happening just about every single night now and with the recent oculus store release and (limited) global access, there’s pretty much always other people around to dance and socialize with.

Here is the calendar, hope to see you in the metaverse: