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prostheticknowledge: WatchThruSimple proof of concept wearable…



Simple proof of concept wearable idea from
Digital Media Lab (TZI), Google and
Hasselt University

utilizes a transparent attachment to a smartwatch for it to become an Augmented Reality display:

We introduce WatchThru, an interactive method for extended wrist-worn
display on commercially-available smartwatches. To address the limited
visual and interaction space, WatchThru expands the device into 3D
through a transparent display. This enables novel interactions that
leverage and extend smartwatch glanceability. We describe three novel
interaction techniques, Pop-up Visuals, Second Perspective and
Peek-through, and discuss how they can complement interaction on current
devices. We also describe two types of prototypes that helped us to
explore standalone interactions, as well as, proof-of-concept AR
interfaces using our platform. 

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