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I got to play the new REZZ x Blanke single on release day at the very end of my global DJ set in TheWaveVR

Most wavers knew about the new Jean-Michel Jarre music that was added, but this REZZ track was a secret pretty much until I played it! 😀

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Highlights from my VR DJ set in TheWaveVR’s metaverse on 11.2

I’ve been refining my visuals for my sets for over a year now, I’m really happy with them lately! 

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DJ Dett’s Spooktoberfest in TheWaveVR was a virtual party I won’t forget!

Custom visuals, spooky EDM, and a lively community made it an epic party 😀

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Clubbing in VRChat is the best because you always have someone to dance with: yourself in the mirror!

Highlights from my first resident DJ set for TheWaveVR

This was a sampler set comprised of my favorite genres of music, giving attendees a taste of what’s to come in future shows. 

It also represents my own personal journey into electronic dance music, beginning with pop and house music and rounding out the show with some glitch hop and a psy-trance aftershow. 

Future sets will be more on theme (less genres), this one was a bit all over the place but a fun experiment.

A recording of the show can be found here:

TONIGHT: Resident DJ Moike will be playing one of his very popular industrial themed shows in thewavevr @ 9PM PST, 12PM EST. I highly recommend checking it out if you have SteamVR/OculusRift access!

For more details & showtimes visit:


How to: Making Friends in TheWaveVR

To make a friend in TheWaveVR, open the menu, grab your heart and give it to someone else! 

Not everyone will want to be your friend right away so you might want to offer them some digital drugs and/or dance with them first.

More info:


Virtual Rave – DJ EVOL♥ (7.4.18)

EVOL threw an amazing party live from the metaverse on 7.4!

Custom art, live DJ, amazing visuals, and lots of people to dance and chat with! Gotta love TheWaveVR!

More details & showtimes: 

Virtual Rave – Resident DJ Moike (7.3.18)

Resident DJ Moike threw a crazy fun party with some of the best mash-ups I have ever heard! 

The show had great custom visuals with a live VJ making the effects ‘dance’ with the music. (DJ Reactivity on VJ) 

Check the website for more details/showtimes:

TheWaveVR: Tiltbrush Import + VR + User Designed Scenes. Amazing.

TheWaveVR community member Splorgman created all of these sets by designing objects in apps like Tiltbrush & Blocks and importing them into the metaverse.

Then he threw a party for the general public to experience his art and DJ chops.

TheWaveVR beta is now open to US residents and is available on Steam:

The event calendar:

The next offical show is DJ Reactivity on Monday @ 6PM PST, 9PM EST. I hope to see you there!

Astounding social party spaces I created from art and particle effects with TheWaveVR. (Screenshots 3 of 3)