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Concept video: Business card contextual application

Design idea from Unity3D on using Mixed Reality and Computer Vision to turn simple physical objects such as a business card into a media rich interface:

Transition phase. We can all
agree that in the near future physical screens will begin to disappear
and be replaced with displays that blend into the environment (some
descriptions here, here and here).  Whether it happens in 5 years as we predict, or in 10 years as Mark Zuckerberg thinks,
the next vector driving the digital world will be augmented reality
glasses.  With that being said, we recognize that there will be a
transition period both technologically and socially, and for social
reasons we need to design this next phase so that users and non-users
can coexist.

We need to think ‘Human centric’. What
does the user really need? This seems like an obvious question to ask,
however, the current state of MR development has a large number of MR
demos whose sole purpose seems to be presenting floating objects with
little actual value to the user.  Let’s be honest, no one wants to live
in the dystopian future that we were warned about so brilliantly by Keiichi Matsuda in his short film “Hyperreality”.
 And while MR apps need to become more relevant for the user, mixed
reality doesn’t need a ‘killer app’.  For comparison, just think of the
internet where there is no single killer app, but rather the internet
itself is the killer app.  And just like the internet, it will be a
multitude of everyday uses that will render MR devices indispensable.

We also need to think “Object centric”.
Although there are multiple ways of imagining MR, we should focus
primarily on the awakening of matter, meaning that objects in our
surroundings augment themselves to communicate with us …
For example, a simple business card
could give both direct access to an application like LinkedIn and be a
user interface that avoids the user having to take out their smartphone
or use a computer. 

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