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Resident DJ Sirkut will be on the decks this Sunday at 6:30PM inside TheWaveVR’s virtual metaverse

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Highlights from my global DJ set celebrating the release of the new Jean-Michel Jarre album. 

With remixed audioreactive art by @sutueatsflies

I changed things up this week and played only in-app tracks since there have been some new additions. Free of international copyright restrictions, we packed my rave cave with users from all over the world and we had such an amazing night!

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Highlights from my VR DJ set in TheWaveVR’s metaverse on 11.2

I’ve been refining my visuals for my sets for over a year now, I’m really happy with them lately! 

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DJ Dett’s Spooktoberfest in TheWaveVR was a virtual party I won’t forget!

Custom visuals, spooky EDM, and a lively community made it an epic party 😀

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The DanceDanceVR party community on VRChat knows how to party!

I guest DJ’ed for one of their parties and had such a great time! So many enthusiastic dancers, many with full body tracking!

This science fiction premise from the year 2000 is basically how my DJ career has gone so far

People knew this would happen and now we have the technology!

Another crazy night guest DJing in VRChat

A European VRChat party community invited me to DJ for a Sunday night party they were having. 

I probably should have spent more time in the DJ booth, but I couldn’t help myself, I had to dance!

Join the discord, join the party:

Highlights from my ‘Trap Day of Summer’ DJ set in Virtual Reality

I played all trap music, all night long. Good times! 

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My first DJ set in VRChat [Dirty Dancers Community]

For my very first DJ set ever in VRChat, I guest DJed for the Dirty Dancers community on 10.11.18 and had so much fun!

Join the Dirty Dancers discord for more info/showtimes:

DJ Moike’s DEAD CHANNEL returns to TheWaveVR tonight (11.20.18) @ 9pm PST

Above are some highlights form his last show.

If you like industrial EDM and have an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, come party with us!

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