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Highlights from my VR DJ set in TheWaveVR’s metaverse on 11.2

I’ve been refining my visuals for my sets for over a year now, I’m really happy with them lately! 

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Clubbing in VRChat is the best because you always have someone to dance with: yourself in the mirror!

Playing with some new scenes for my shows in TheWaveVR.

These scenes are hopefully much more optimized for large parties as they only use the in-app wave effects and visualizers. (Also, perhaps a preview for an upcoming all Electro-Swing set?)

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Custom tunnels by DJ EVOL, VJ’ed live by yours truly!

Some recently discovered highlights from an EVOL show a couple months ago. 

I had a great time messing with all of the psychedelic tunnels he designed for his party 😀

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TONIGHT @ 9pm PST, 11pm CST Resident DJ Splorgman will be playing an extended 3 hour set of trance and deep house inside his custom designed rave cave @thewavevr ’s online metaverse!


I’m most likely going to this online rave tonight, hope to see some of you there!!!
(US internet only unless you VPN – argh @ outdated copyright/broadcast laws!)

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Another crazy night guest DJing in VRChat

A European VRChat party community invited me to DJ for a Sunday night party they were having. 

I probably should have spent more time in the DJ booth, but I couldn’t help myself, I had to dance!

Join the discord, join the party:

TheWaveVR’s resident trance DJ had me VJ his visual art LIVE

What a TRIP! DJ Splorgman threw down an epic 2 hour trance set while I messed around with the lasers and tunnels!

Many of the visuals are audio-reactive but having a real person take control makes the experience MUCH more impact-full.

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What it’s like to DJ in virtual reality (TheWaveVR)

Just some shaky-cam VR footage of a recent set I did as a resident DJ at TheWaveVR. In case anyone is wondering what it is like from my point of view!

The shows are getting packed every time now, I think people really love to rave in VR. I sure do!

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Imogen Heap Collaboration is AMAZING

(And this is just one of 1/3 of the experience currently available for HTC Vive & Oculus Rift)

“Grammy award-winning recording artist and technologist Imogen Heap and TheWaveVR have teamed up to create a first-of-its-kind immersive music performance.

Imogen Heap is a live holographic experience where Imogen performs a series of songs including an unreleased Frou Frou track and an entirely new mix of “Hide and Seek.” Recorded by TheWaveVR, the performance takes place at Imogen’s home studio in London. 

To record Imogen’s likeness, TheWaveVR worked with volumetric capture company Depth Kit, which created a virtual version of Imogen’s home where visitors can experience breathtaking visuals as environments which evolve to the sounds of the music.”

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DJ Moike’s DEAD CHANNEL returns to TheWaveVR tonight (11.20.18) @ 9pm PST

Above are some highlights form his last show.

If you like industrial EDM and have an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, come party with us!

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