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This HoloLens App Brings Doctors To Life-Threatening Situations

Telemedicine virtually connects you with a doctor miles away who diagnoses a patient and oversees treatment in real-time. Nomadeec makes telemedicine possible for paramedics through the standalone, portable computing power of Microsoft’s HoloLens headset.

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Enhanced Medical Mixed Reality

‘EMMR’ allows clients to experience real-time interaction with health care professionals in their home’s projected as holograms via a special headset developed by Microsoft called HoloLens.

How AR is Making its Way into Crime Scene Investigations

tuServ is an augmented reality application that embraces the power of the Microsoft HoloLens to assist police officers in the field by mapping out the environment of a crime scene in real time and then building a digital recreation using virtual markers, 3D objects, as well as other multi-media evidence such as video and audio—all while eliminating any risk of altering or contaminating the physical evidence at the scene.

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