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Throwing a party in virtual reality (DJ/VJ per…

Throwing a party in virtual reality (DJ/VJ perspective)

In TheWaveVR last Saturday, DJ Pearl Grey had just left the decks and we were starting to feel dance withdrawals so I decided to keep the party going by throwing a public home cave party.

Here is part 2 of the highlights if you enjoyed the first one:

In these highlights I wanted to try and capture the DJ’s point of view and show how the audio and visuals can be dynamically changed on the fly. 

The visual art was mostly crowd-sourced, but I did some of it myself in Tiltbrush and some is built into TheWaveVR.

TheWaveVR just went global, so now anyone can throw and attend ‘waves’!

For more info visit:

TheWaveVR: Tiltbrush Import + VR + User Design…

TheWaveVR: Tiltbrush Import + VR + User Designed Scenes. Amazing.

TheWaveVR community member Splorgman created all of these sets by designing objects in apps like Tiltbrush & Blocks and importing them into the metaverse.

Then he threw a party for the general public to experience his art and DJ chops.

TheWaveVR beta is now open to US residents and is available on Steam:

The event calendar:

The next offical show is DJ Reactivity on Monday @ 6PM PST, 9PM EST. I hope to see you there!

I think I’m addicted to raving in VR & sha…

I think I’m addicted to raving in VR & sharing digital drugs.

These were highlights from T-Blank’s offical set on 5.19.18.

I just can’t get enough of these community shows! Resident DJ’s and Staff DJ’s have been killing it lately, sometimes bringing crowds in the dozens and some of the visuals are just mind-bending.

Especially the virtual drugs (trips) you can only experience by sharing it with another user:

Show calendar:

Steam Link:

KAT Walk Mini To Begin Kickstarter Soon, VR …

KAT Walk Mini To Begin Kickstarter Soon, VR Locomotion To Follow

“Walking and running in VR will not only skyrocket your step score on your trusty Fitbit, exercise even in small bursts can boost your brain, enhance coordination with consistent use, and will shed those love handles. Run forward or backward, squat, lunge, and turn around in 360-degrees; the only thing you can’t do in KAT VR omnidirectional treadmills is jumping.

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Nvidia stuns by driving a car in real life thr…

Nvidia stuns by driving a car in real life through virtual reality

The demo at the show was basic but worked. The driver in VR had seemingly complete control over the vehicle and managed to drive it, live but slowly, around a private lot. He navigated around a van, drove a few hundred feet and parked the car.


Ghost Is A $99 AR Smartphone Powered Headset…

Ghost Is A $99 AR Smartphone Powered Headset

Ghost doesn’t just run ARKit/ARCore apps inside a headset, though. Helfenstein has developed Ghost OS, which features several applications, including the ability to mirror any macOS application from a computer as a virtual AR windows.

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Leap Motion designed a $100 augmented realit…

Leap Motion designed a $100 augmented reality headset with super-powerful hand tracking

Project North Star isn’t a new consumer headset, nor will Leap Motion be selling a version to developers at this point. Instead, the company is releasing the necessary hardware specifications and software under an open source license next week.

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This mind-reading VR headset

This mind-reading VR headset:

Looxid Labs has a technology for reading your emotions using a combination of eye tracking and brain wave-detection. 

Looxid has made a mobile VR headset with all this built in, but it’s also created attachments that can slot onto the HTC Vive – a crowd of EEG sensors for the forehead, and eye trackers under the lenses – which deliver the same experience.

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Last night in TheWaveVR – DONK night!?

Last night in TheWaveVR – DONK night!?

DJ Dett threw a reDONKulous party in TheWaveVR last night!  

I had never heard of this genre, but it was a blast.

Tonight @ 10PM EST, 7PM PST, T-Blank will be playing DEEP HOUSE!

Beta app available in the US.

Show Calendar: