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prostheticknowledge: WatchThruSimple proof of concept wearable…



Simple proof of concept wearable idea from
Digital Media Lab (TZI), Google and
Hasselt University

utilizes a transparent attachment to a smartwatch for it to become an Augmented Reality display:

We introduce WatchThru, an interactive method for extended wrist-worn
display on commercially-available smartwatches. To address the limited
visual and interaction space, WatchThru expands the device into 3D
through a transparent display. This enables novel interactions that
leverage and extend smartwatch glanceability. We describe three novel
interaction techniques, Pop-up Visuals, Second Perspective and
Peek-through, and discuss how they can complement interaction on current
devices. We also describe two types of prototypes that helped us to
explore standalone interactions, as well as, proof-of-concept AR
interfaces using our platform. 

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dataaura-blog: DataAura: Mandala Mandala is an Augmented…


DataAura: Mandala

Mandala is an Augmented clothing concept. Generative, animated mandala-shaped virtual costume is one of the DataAura’s projects. Our visions are responding for hi-speed developing technology of Augmented Reality. We believe, that in the near future augmented clothing will be desired. And we decided to think about its design.

animation:DataAura – Krzysztof Syruć, Joanna Borowska; music:Juno Reactor

engadget: AtheerLabs unveils 3D augmented reality mobile…


AtheerLabs unveils 3D augmented reality mobile platform and a natural human UI

madewitharkit: Sculpting and painting with ARKit, by…


Sculpting and painting with ARKit, by @fabinrasheed. Go sign up for the beta:

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madewitharkit: AR Cartoon Prototype…


AR Cartoon Prototype by @JonathanForder at Discover Studios.

Jonathan, how did you come up with this idea? 

“I’m a big fan of animation and cartoons, so I wanted to create a small prototype to demonstrate how AR could expand the world of existing cartoons, bring them into our homes! One of my favourite cartoon styles is The Amazing World of Gumball, I love the mixture of animated character blended into real world scenes and this pretty much lends itself to AR perfectly.

Although this is a simple prototype it shows how we can bring characters to life. As a kid I would have loved to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Thundercats running around my front room!”

How did you go about creating the prototype? 

“With Unity and ARkit it’s a really smooth process to get something up and running fairly quickly. The only problem is if you haven’t developed for iOS for awhile or are new to it, so be prepared to wait for a lot of downloads/updates to finish! 

The first thing that made this prototype work was finding the right material. Luckily enough with a quick google search I found some dedicated fans that had made some blue screen cutout clips of the characters. With these videos I could then bring them into Unity and create a Chroma Key shader to remove the blue from the clips. Then it was just a matter of placing them in the scene and setting Unity to render the shadows and allow for placement in AR.“ 

What tools did you use?

Unity3D 2017 & the Apple ARKit Plugin for Unity 

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