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TheWaveVR’s resident trance DJ had me VJ his visual art LIVE

What a TRIP! DJ Splorgman threw down an epic 2 hour trance set while I messed around with the lasers and tunnels!

Many of the visuals are audio-reactive but having a real person take control makes the experience MUCH more impact-full.

App Details/Showtimes:

COSMIC CATACLYSM: Petroleum Blownapart’s Lovecraftian sci-fi themed rave for TheWaveVR.

With custom made visuals and just the in-app tracks, Petroleum created a narrative and took us all on a journey into the abyss and back. 

More info and showtimes:

TheWaveVR: Tiltbrush Import + VR + User Designed Scenes. Amazing.

TheWaveVR community member Splorgman created all of these sets by designing objects in apps like Tiltbrush & Blocks and importing them into the metaverse.

Then he threw a party for the general public to experience his art and DJ chops.

TheWaveVR beta is now open to US residents and is available on Steam:

The event calendar:

The next offical show is DJ Reactivity on Monday @ 6PM PST, 9PM EST. I hope to see you there!

I think I’m addicted to raving in VR & sharing digital drugs.

These were highlights from T-Blank’s offical set on 5.19.18.

I just can’t get enough of these community shows! Resident DJ’s and Staff DJ’s have been killing it lately, sometimes bringing crowds in the dozens and some of the visuals are just mind-bending.

Especially the virtual drugs (trips) you can only experience by sharing it with another user:

Show calendar:

Steam Link:

User-driven raves with live DJ/VJ tools and customizable set design using poly/tiltbrush art? Very impressive, I’m smitten.

I couldn’t stay long but EVOL put on an amazing show in TheWaveVR last night!

Highlights from last night’s show: (4:20)

Most of the models and visual effects were designed by EVOL as well! Anyone with the right hardware can download the app for free and make their own set designs (with TiltBrush or Google Poly) and host their own raves! EVOL is just a community member with a lot of talent!

See the current community show schedule here and come join us:
(Or design your own wave party and add it to the calendar!)

Recorded live in TheWaveVR using the HTC Vive.

Steam Link:

Anyone Can Be an Animator With Quill’s Newest VR App Upgrade

“These tools open the door for a whole new kind of storytelling, with VR characters who move and perform in scenes and environments that are more alive than ever. Inspired by the early hand-drawn animation of the 1920’s, but powered up with modern technology and native VR workflows, Quill animation brings a new level of freedom to artists in this rapidly emerging medium.” – Quill Team

Read More:

Song Made By AI Gets Stunning 360° Music Video

Part of YouTube’s VR Creator Lab, the video project can be viewed in 360° on desktop, mobile devices, and VR headsets.


I used free software and collaborated with artists to create my own nightclub in the metaverse

This first nightclub features tracks that personally make me want to get up and dance. There are 20 songs on the tracklist currently and I welcome suggestions for more to add. Preferably ones with youTube videos that look good playing in the club.

When you get inside VRChat, look through the new worlds section for ‘Club G-Dub’.
FYI: You don’t need VR to check out the club in VRChat.

I had to take out a lot of particle effects in order for this to run on VRChat servers but I tried to make up for that with some lasers and polish. Here is what it looked like before optimizations:

I’m interested in creating other nightclubs with specific themes like 90’s dance or all D&B or feature a certain artist or record label (with their permission)

Let me know what you all think and if you have any suggestions for more nightclubs or themes!


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