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Ghost Is A $99 AR Smartphone Powered Headset

Ghost doesn’t just run ARKit/ARCore apps inside a headset, though. Helfenstein has developed Ghost OS, which features several applications, including the ability to mirror any macOS application from a computer as a virtual AR windows.

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Leap Motion designed a $100 augmented reality headset with super-powerful hand tracking

Project North Star isn’t a new consumer headset, nor will Leap Motion be selling a version to developers at this point. Instead, the company is releasing the necessary hardware specifications and software under an open source license next week.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Launching Location-Based AR Game

The game will feature location as a core element of gameplay, closely following the Pokémon GO model for location-based AR mobile apps.

Google Maps will power the upcoming location-based AR game, letting you fight walkers on the streets, in the park, or just sitting on the sofa.

“The Walking Dead: Our World” is slated to launch globally in Q2 2018.

Street Fighter II’s warriors fight on actual streets in this Apple ARKit demo

The caveat is that this is just an ARKit demo, and not officially sanctioned by Capcom, so it likely won’t be available to play any time soon.


Mixed Reality Race Pits Pro Driver Against Pro YouTuber

Partnering with Microsoft Turn 10 Studios, Honda’s R vs R competition pit an actual professional driver against a professional YouTube gamer in a head-to-head mixed reality race unlike anything we’ve seen before.


Dex, Your AR Dog Companion

Based on the company mascot, Dex is a furry friend who is brought to life thanks to the power of the Unreal Engine and AR technology allowing anyone to bring him into their own front room.

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Jurassic World Alive looks like Pokémon Go but with giant dinosaurs

“Players discover dinosaurs by locating them on a map and deploying an in-game drone to collect DNA samples,” developer Ludia explains. You’ll also be able to snap a photo with your favorite dinosaurs, level up the beasts you capture, and, unlike in Pokémon Go, you’ll be able to battle them with other players. 

The game’s map screen, as shown in the debut trailer, even looks a lot like Niantic’s Pokémon AR game. Ludia previously developed a pair of park management-style Jurassic Park games for mobile.

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Red Cross AR App Takes You Deep into the Life of a Child Plagued by International Warfare

It’s difficult to describe the entire experience without spoiling it. In short, the iPhone app takes you through several stages of the child’s life (as represented by the room and its items) as that child’s life is affected by local warfare. 

The entire experience is enhanced by the use of 3D audio, which increases the feeling of immersion in the child’s room.

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