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Apple Invents an Optical System for a Future VR and AR Headset:

While augmented reality is mentioned, the priority in this patent is virtual reality. This head-mounted display system is to view virtual reality content, movies and specialty content that could include movies and games using Voxel technology.

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LEGO AR-Studio clicks together virtual and physical blocks

The new app uses Apple’s ARKit to let children fly virtual models around the room. It’s a small step, but LEGO has big ambitions for augmented reality.

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Apple acquired augmented reality headset startup Vrvana for $30M:

As Apple reportedly ramps up work to ship an augmented reality headset in 2020, it has acquired a startup from Montreal, Canada that could help it get there.

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The iPhone 11 rumours have already begun. And they’re exactly what you expect

Hotstepper Dances Alongside You in Augmented Reality as You Walk to the Next Party:


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Become A Star Wars Hologram With Help From R2-D2 And ARKit:

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Apple, ARKit and the future of TV:

AR Dragon gameplay – ARKit Augmented Reality game:

AR Dragon