My first global set as a resident DJ for TheWa…

My first global set as a resident DJ for TheWaveVR was surreal and amazing!

The set was mixed using TheWaveVR’s built in music and visual effects combined with some community & self-made art pieces from

Being able to have full control over crafting the mix and the visuals for each set is just such an amazing opportunity. Having an ‘unlimited’ budget for set pieces and effects opens up so many creative options for crafting reality bending visuals and syncing them with the visuals both live and with tilt-brush audio-reactive brushes.

The Resident DJ program was just expanded so there are shows happening just about every single night now and with the recent oculus store release and (limited) global access, there’s pretty much always other people around to dance and socialize with.

Here is the calendar, hope to see you in the metaverse: