User-driven raves with live DJ/VJ tools and cu…

User-driven raves with live DJ/VJ tools and customizable set design using poly/tiltbrush art? Very impressive, I’m smitten.

I couldn’t stay long but EVOL put on an amazing show in TheWaveVR last night!

Highlights from last night’s show: (4:20)

Most of the models and visual effects were designed by EVOL as well! Anyone with the right hardware can download the app for free and make their own set designs (with TiltBrush or Google Poly) and host their own raves! EVOL is just a community member with a lot of talent!

See the current community show schedule here and come join us:
(Or design your own wave party and add it to the calendar!)

Recorded live in TheWaveVR using the HTC Vive.

Steam Link: