This Snapchat AR Portal Takes You To Space Wit…

This Snapchat AR Portal Takes You To Space With Starman

Since its release on Thursday, Elon Musk’s Tesla and pilot Starman have garnered hundreds of thousands of views on the platform. SVRF’s inspiration to make the portal came from the breathtaking images of Elon Musk’s Starman circling the earth in his Tesla Roadster. “We wanted to be Starman, to see and feel that beautiful immersive view of Earth and space,” said SVRF CEO, Sophia Dominguez. “So, we got as close as we could to actually being there by creating a VR world and AR portal to this world.”

AR lenses, especially portals like this, can be truly powerful at letting you feel like you’re “inside” the experience without putting on a headset.

Previous SVRF had turned their VR experiences featuring Pickle Rick of Rick & Morty and Oscar nominated Shape of Water into portals as well.

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